Winter is here and it’s time for another virtual road trip! The challenge is to see how far we can travel as a group during the month of January 2023. We’ll “start” from HarborCenter in Buffalo and we’ll be heading south down the eastern states to the Gulf coast, then head west and (if we make it) cross into Mexico! On the way we’ll run through Pittsburgh, DC, Richmond, Charlotte, Atlanta, Montgomery, Mobile, New Orleans, & Houston. You can follow along with our progress on the map as miles get logged.

You don’t need to be in Buffalo to participate! Wherever you run or walk will count towards our cumulative miles. In past virtual road trips our crew logged over anywhere from 2000 to almost 3000 miles. Let’s see how far we can get this time!

Once you sign up below, you’ll receive and email prompting you to register for the challenge on another site. You can set your own mileage goal for the month, or you can skip that and just see how many you can do! Individual mileage can be uploaded manually, or you can sync the challenge with your Strava account to have it shared automatically.

Each runner will receive a road trip souvenir at the end of the challenge, and will have the opportunity to win more. You’ll get to predict the exact mileage that the group will travel, and whoever is closest at the end will win! There’ll also be an extra prize for whoever logs the most mileage overall.

Registration is open now through the end of the day January 1st ONLY. After you sign up, you’ll get an email prompting you to complete a survey to make your prediction and share a bit of info with me. This must be completed before January 2nd!

Bonus perk: A portion of each registration will go towards a charitable donation. When the trip ends, wherever we end up, I’ll make a donation to a worthy local organization. 🙂