Next Level Running is excited to partner with Prescribed Motion to offer gait analysis for runners! This process can be beneficial for any runner, but especially those dealing with nagging injuries. Prescribed Motion offers an in-depth video running gait analysis and movement assessment for runners. From the analysis and assessment, you will obtain a better understanding of how your body moves, as well as ways you can improve your movement patterns to prevent injury and gain an advantage in your next big race. Take this opportunity to gain more insight on your running form and keep you running better and longer!

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These are some examples from NLRunners who went through gait analysis. You’ll run on a treadmill and be recorded from multiple angles, and those videos and images will be analyzed to reveal inefficiencies and imbalances in your form. The best part is that you’ll have follow up appointments with the PTs at Prescribed Motion to learn how to correct those inefficiencies, and start doing the work to make improvements. Email if you have any questions!