The Next Level Experience

5/18/20 Update: The Next Level Experience has changed, but the philosophy and the objectives remain. We are still operating as an online community of runners, supporting each other and doing our best during these uncertain times. The group training described below is on hold, but it will be back. Stay tuned for updates, and in the meantime check out the current online training options available. 

Next Level Running strives to maintain the balance between individualized training and group dynamics, which creates a beautifully diverse community of runners. We are runners of all experience levels and ages, training for different races and different reasons, but we love to support each other. No matter what your relationship with running is, there’s a place for you at Next Level.

It always starts with a one-on-one consultation with Melina, your coach and leader. Consults can take place in person, over the phone, or via email–your preference. Melina will ask you questions about your running history, goals, upcoming schedule, and who you are as a runner. You can pick and choose which group training offerings you want to attend, and she’ll put together a personalized program for you based on that information. Throughout your training you’ll have multiple opportunities to consult with your coach to keep you on track and adjust training as you go.

Here’s a glance at what a Next Level group training week looks like:


We start Wednesday night group runs with indoor warm-ups at 6pm, lead by one of IMPACT’s athletic trainers.

Wednesday runs always have the option of speed workouts. Melina plans different routes and provides maps. The workouts vary from different intervals, tempo runs, hill reps, and so on!


Tuesday’s group runs will always wrap up by 7:30pm, then we do 30 minutes of strength training with an IMPACT athletic trainer. The trainers pack a lot into half an hour, and are always helpful about modifying exercises for different fitness levels.


On Saturday mornings, we have our group long run. Many different distances are offered to accommodate each runner’s personal training program. Melina provides overlapping routes and maps, and puts out water on the course every few miles.

We typically meet at HarborCenter, but about once a month will take our long run down to Chestnut Ridge to run some hills.