Fall 2021: Group Runs & Classes

In-person group training from HarborCenter resumed in May and we are in full swing now. For the rest of summer and fall, we’ll have weeknight night speed + strength nights: group runs at followed by strength training classes on Tuesdays through the fall. Saturday morning group long runs are on hiatus until January, but they’ll be back! For the Tuesday runs, we’ll meet on the first floor of IMPACT, run outside, and have classes indoors. You can register for individual runs and classes, and you’ll be able to pick individual dates or sign up for a month at a time (use the drop-down menu). If you’re interested in coaching or an NLR membership, check out the Online Community and Online Coaching options for some personalized training planning, and then sign up for the group training sessions a la carte.

Below is everything you need to know about our upcoming group training. Scroll down to register!

Tuesday Night Group Runs:
Warm-ups will begin at 5:50pm sharp at IMPACT. We now meet on the ground floor level in the smaller gym space! You may still park in the HarborCenter ramp and utilize the locker rooms on the sixth floor, but there are cubbies available on the ground floor. As of July, masks are no long required for vaccinated runners–proof of vaccination required. However, whenever we’re sharing the gym space, it’s possible that some individuals may not be vaccinated so it’s a good idea to keep a mask handy just in case. Routes and maps will be provided for various distances each night, with the option of a speed workout which will vary week-to-week. Emails will go out prior to the run with information. (I recommend signing up for a NLR membership to get bi-weekly emails and stay in the loop; you’ll get your information faster!) Runners will be required to sign in and out before and after their run.

Tuesday Night Strength Training:
After the run, runners are encouraged to stay for class with IMPACT! From 7:15-7:45pm we’ll do a strength-based workout with an athletic trainer at IMPACT. Classes will be a small group format, designed specifically for runners, and will take place on the ground floor space of IMPACT. Masks will be required for unvaccinated runners.

Saturday Morning Group Runs: Saturdays are for long runs, but that’s a relative term. Each Saturday group run will offer a set of overlapping routes covering various distances from about 4 to 20 miles. Some water will be provided mid-route. Maps and directions will be provided ahead of time.
On Saturdays, you can park in the HarborCenter ramp. We’ll warm up inside IMPACT up on the 6th floor at 7:45am, then Melina will make announcements and go over the routes. We’ll likely be out the door by 8am. Runners are encouraged to run at their own pace, either on their own or with others in the group.
Masks are required for unvaccinated runners. Those who provide proof of vaccination are free to go without for our indoor warmups, etc. Masks are not required for any individuals while outside running.
We will run from Chestnut Ridge on September 11th. These routes will be partially within and outside of the park, but always on roads, not trails.

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